We ship to usa for now due to the covid 19 pandemic

About Us

Hi, I am Portia Basham, the proud Owner and Creative Director at Mona+Sacha, LLC.   
Mona+Sacha is very near and dear to me. From an early age I have always loved everything fashion; the desire of being a fashion designer and owning my own fashion house is what has allowed me to birth Mona+Sacha.
Mona+Sacha is a clothing boutique for children on the grow! We are based in Boca Raton Florida and we concentrate on creating handmade resort wear, dresses and also offer retails items with a focus on simplistic designs with vibrant prints.  We create clothing for the children who want to look great but are still able to actively play and enjoy fun in the sun.  We ensure that our clothing is made so that your child who is on the grow can enjoy a playful lifestyle while on the go.